Terrain – Bulkheads and Barricades

I’ve now finished up my bulkheads, doors and barricades from the Necromunda: Underhive boxed set. I was really happy with how my Thermic Plasma Regulators┬áturned out so I decided to go for a similar heavy rust on the metal with a contrasting stained creamy grey paint on the bulkheads and barricades.

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Terrain – Thermic Plasma Regulators

Over the Christmas break, I painted up a set of Thermic Plasma Regulators from the Sector Mechanicus scenery range. I have always liked this terrain set and they were great fun to paint up.

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Terrain – The Catacombs

Recently, I picked up some modular dungeon sections from TTCombat that I thought would make a good 3D dungeon for Warhammer Quest. Furthermore, I thought a neutral non-setting specific paint scheme (and the addition of some appropriate scatter terrain like barrels and barricades) would turn the set into good corridor sections to use for Necromunda tunnel fighting battles.

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Gangs – Goliath – WIP 3

Although it took a few weeks longer than I was expecting, I’ve finally finished my starting Goliath gang! I still need to add some weathering pigments to the bases but the models themselves are done.

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Cawdor vs Arbites

A few weeks ago, I played my second game of the new edition of Necromunda on my old Space Hulk corridors which I built with a friend over a decade ago. We sprinkled some scatter terrain down to reduce the corridors of fire and then we were ready to go.

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